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Shatavari also contains immunomodulating properties. Immunomodulation is the adjustment of the immune response to a desired level. This may involve the alteration of antibodies.cytokines.glucocorticoids.immunoglobulins.or similar agents that are part of a healthy immune system. (7) Immunomodulation may also provide support for the regulation of cytokine production.which is a component of the immune system that responds to disruptions in the body. This regulation may provide temporary relief from occasional pain.may help to maintain skin thickness and tissue weight during cellular responses price of shatavari churna challenges.and may provide support for healthy-looking skin.

Although sexual driven by physical desire for cannot overlook the importance of emotions in sex. Emotional stress.depression and anxiety might reduce your interest in sex. Clinically depressed women on selective serotonin reuptake price of shatavari churna (SSRI) antidepressant drugs experience low sex drive. While serotonin is essential for increasing sexual response.too much serotonin could delay orgasm and diminish sexual desire.

Most cancer chemotherapeutic agents are immune-suppressants and cytotoxic. Researchers have used cyclophosphamide-induced immunosuppression to screen plant-derived drugs price of shatavari churna anticancer and cyto-protective potential.and to demonstrate myelo- and immunoprotective activity in ascitic sarcoma-bearing animals. Researchers carried out activity-related extractions to identify the best performing candidate drugs. This work resulted in a United States patent in price of shatavari churna area of cancer adjuvants. This product will have importance in cancer therapeutics.especially to counter untoward effects of chemotherapy.without compromising the anticancer activity of chemotherapy [49] . These attempts to determine the scientific evidence-base for herbal medicines are important and exemplary.

Here shatavari has the ability to thrive because of her ability to collect what precious moisture there is.

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shatavari can be taken as a powder, a tablet, or a liquid extract.

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