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It has been estimated that wide-scale implementation could result in a threefold increase in the diagnosis of patients with drug-resistant tb and a doubling in the number of hiv-associated tb cases diagnosed in areas with high rates of tb and hiv.

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The herbs used in Mentat are a synergistic blend according to ayurvedic knowledge.

The name “Mentat” is derived from mentis.meaning “of the mind” in ancient Terran language. The founder of the Order of Mentats.a logician and philosopher of interstellar repute.coined the term to refer to those fully trained and proficient in the techniques he prescribed for the Order.

Notably.Orange Mentats do not have the Intelligence bonus that normal Mentats they only increase Perception.

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konman72 01 28, 30 june 2006 utc well the way it is now it currently states that gilbert albans coined the phrase mentat , which while that may have been true at the time of the encyclopedia has now been retconned to being a phrase coined by erasmus himself which contradicts both the encyclopedia and this whole mentis definition.

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